Dennis Smith Jr. Partnership Proposal

Rafter is an early stage startup currently seeking strategic partnerships to gain an edge in the competitive landscape of menswear and sneaker culture. We are in talks with organizations like Bleacher Report as well as NBA players and professional musicians about collaborations that would give Rafter great exposure and credibility as we introduce it to the world. 

We would like Dennis to be as involved in Rafter as he can, and we are prepared to offer a substantial amount of equity based on his level of involvement. Ideally, Dennis would help the brand grow by contributing ideas, appearing in promotional content, wearing the shoes in public and on TV, and helping to make valuable connections. We are also willing to offer an even larger stake if Dennis would like to make a capital investment. 

Below is our initial thinking for specific potential partnership arrangements, but we are open to discussion. 

A)   Up to 8% Equity

- Monthly meetings to discuss business strategy and growth opportunities

- Photo / Video shoot of Dennis wearing Rafter shoes to use for Rafter website and social media

- Occasional posts on Dennis' social media channels about new Rafter products and events 

- Collaborations on interesting video and written content that can be published on Rafter's blog, A Gentleman and a Baller

- Wear Rafter shoes regularly to events and television appearances

B)   Up to 15% Equity

- Contributions from option A

- $150k in seed funding

Funding would be used for expenses such as building inventory, sending shoes to other influencers, developing new products, hiring a wholesale expert, hiring a PR agency, trade show booths, events, and branded content. 



We look forward to speaking further and hearing your ideas for ways we can work together.   |   914 263 5706