Dennis Smith Jr. Partnership Proposal


evan polivy, founder / designer

I grew up in New York, obsessing over the NBA, and nothing in the world could make me feel better than a new pair of basketball sneakers. Always pushing the envelope by introducing new textures, materials, and technologies, sneakers empower their wearers, embodying the spirit and ideals of larger-than-life athletes. I see continual innovation in the sneaker industry and a deep connection between consumers and products that I don’t see anywhere else. I want to bring this same level of expression and connection to formal men’s attire. I don’t want to wear suits, ties, or shoes that just get the job done. I want to constantly wear clothing that makes me feel as good as I did when I was a kid walking out of the store in a fresh pair of kicks.


I attended the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) where I studied as many mediums as I could get my hands on including film, graphic design, photo, and apparel, but it took me some time to realize that fashion was my true calling.  First, I founded a media production company called Polivision where I produced music videos, documentaries, photos, graphics, websites, and apps for a wide range of clients including Jidenna, Wale, Sotheby's, and The National Guard. After five years running Polivision, I was recruited to start a Creative Lab and work as a Creative Director at a prominent communications agency. At this agency, I worked with some of the world’s top companies including IBM and Kraft developing progressive marketing concepts and producing original events. After 9 years of working intimately with so many brands, I decided to focus on my main passion—building them. I saw an apparel brand as a way to combine every medium and skill I have developed to construct my dream world of luxury basketball.  Today, in addition to raising my pride and joy, The Rafter Club, I work as a freelance Brand Consultant, helping fellow entrepreneurs create fresh visual identities.


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