B/R Partnership Proposal

Rafter is willing to offer Bleacher Report a significant stake in our business. As we share a target demographic, we believe with B/R's wide reach, we can quickly grow into a prominent brand. In addition to direct promotion of our products on B/R channels, we also have many ideas for ways to partner on creating content and experiences that our audience will love. Rafter's founder, Evan, has a strong background in web media and event production, so not only would these collaborations be a great method for both B/R and Rafter to earn revenue from product sales, it would also be a cost-effective way to create high quality content that keeps the B/R audience engaged and attracts new users.

Below are some rough examples of co-sponsored content and experiences that could promote Rafter and B/R simultaneously.


Co-sponsored digital content

Rafter can sponsor and help produce deep, artistic content that lives within B/R Mag. The content can be somewhere between Vice Sports and Nowness Sports - content that is educational, provocative, and inspiring. Below are a few examples. 

Pep Talks  -  A series of TED Talk type videos where athletes and other influential figures give short, inspiring, educational, or motivational speeches in a locker room setting. The live audiences can be connected with youth programs, so that there is a charitable component to the talks. 

Melo My Man - A short film featuring Carmelo Anthony's story and perspective as a foundation for a broader conversation about the individual vs the collective.  This would be captured through an intimate interview with Melo, archive footage, artistic documentation of a day in the life, and original, surreal, metaphorical imagery. The style and format would be similar to this piece. For the past several years Melo has been grappling with the issues of his place in basketball history versus his role as part of a family, a team, a city, a society, and a world - his personal goals on the court vs his goals as a father, activist, and businessman. Melo's voice deserves to be heard outside the context of traditional sports journalism, because it can provoke an important conversation that goes far beyond basketball. What are our responsibilities as human beings? How do we find the balance between being a “player” and a “teammate”? We can create a meaningful piece that has as much of a rightful place on B/R or ESPN as it does in the MOMA or Sundance, thereby reaching a large, diverse audience.

Sunday Best  -  A weekly series of articles profiling NBA players competing in national Sunday games. The articles would capture a unique perspective on the players' off-the-court activities, whether it's their charity foundations, business ventures, hobbies, or intellectual interests. The articles would also feature photos of the players in their most fashionable outfits - these photos would feel authentic, artistic, and candid.  

A Gentleman and a Baller - On The Rafter Club blog,  A Gentleman and a Baller, we have begun working with journalist, Zack Schlemmer, to create original articles exploring basketball's influence on culture. B/R can aggregate pieces from our blog for additional content. 


Co-Sponsored Experiences

We can work together to allow audiences to be introduced to or engage further with our brands in physical spaces.

Pop-Up-Shot  -  A pop-up store with a similar format to the bar, Spin (video made by Evan), but instead of ping pong, it's Pop-A-Shot. Customers would be able to play Pop-A-Shot in ideal conditions with high quality balls and hoops. There could also be a bar/lounge component, screens with live NBA games, as well as a space to try on and purchase Rafter products. 

Pregame Shoe Shine  -  Within basketball arenas outside of corporate sky boxes or bars, we could have free shoe shine stations where Rafter shoes are featured and sold.  Customers can be given nicely printed B/R content to read while they get their shines.

Hoop Themes  -  A basketball film festival featuring everything from He Got Game to Space Jam to Hoop Dreams with filmmaker panels and other surrounding activities. 

Street Ball Locker Rooms  -  Pop-up, country club-style locker room spaces near street ball courts where players can take a break, get some cold water, store their gear in lockers, and check out Rafter products. On the courts, we could organize one-on-one tournaments or games of Knockout and give away Rafter products as prizes.


We look forward to speaking further and hearing your ideas for ways we can work together.   |   914 263 5706