Bleacher report

Partnership Proposal



The Rafter Club pulls inspiration from the creativity, technology, and passion that goes into the design of basketball sneakers to reimagine traditional menswear.




Bleacher Report has changed the landscape of sports publications and cultivated a massive, engaged following of people who love sports as a gateway into broader cultural discussions, which is why it is the perfect platform for launching The Rafter Club.

Rafter would like to work with B/R, not as a traditional advertising partner, but in a deeper relationship where B/R can profit directly from Rafter product sales and use The Rafter Club as a context in which to produce artistic content and sophisticated experiences.  

Professional sports are not only a means of fun escape, they are also a symbol of a competitive drive that motivates people to push themselves intellectually and creatively towards achieving their own professional goals. Rafter can be the brand within the B/R universe that speaks to that intelligent, ambitious reader and offers him high quality clothing that embodies his competitive spirit.   

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