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Partnership Proposal


The Rafter Club pulls inspiration from the creativity, technology, and passion that goes into the design of basketball sneakers to reimagine traditional menswear.


Jon Batiste's fearless style, love for basketball, and genuine care for people makes him the perfect person to represent Rafter. We know that Jon partners with a lot of well-established brands, but we believe this can be a deeper relationship where he can infuse his own style and values into the foundation of the brand and share in the profits as he helps it grow. 

We would like Jon to be as involved in Rafter as he wants, and we are prepared to offer a substantial amount of equity based on his level of involvement. Ideally, he would be the face of the brand and help it grow by contributing ideas, collaborating on his own signature line, appearing in promotional content, wearing the shoes in public and on TV, and helping to make valuable connections. 

We believe The Rafter Club can be the Polo Ralph Lauren of a new generation. We see infinite growth potential and ways for the brand to help make the world a better place. We believe Jon is the perfect person to help the brand take flight.


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